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And then there were three …..

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Mar 192015
And then there were three .....

Irene, Terry and I visited a cold, grey and breezy Shellness on Wednesday.    After the bumpy ride down to the car park, we sat in the car watching as two red-legged partridge walked up to the top of the sea wall and then flew inland to the safety of long grass in a nearby […]


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Sep 122012

Bright, breezy, and glorious, a great day to be by the sea and Shellness was our destination today. Swallows met us as we got out of the car at the top of the road just out of Leysdown.    They were swooping over the short grass opposite the seawall, feeding up before their long journey […]

Jan 142012
Shellness and Capel Fleet

Our second outdoor meeting of the year was met with an excellent morning of harsh frost coupled with bright sunshine and clear skies.   With a temperature of -0.5 degrees a certain amount of layering was required to ensure we kept warm. 20 of us joined Jeff on this popular walk, but with a bit of […]

First Resolution Broken!

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Jan 102012
First Resolution Broken!

So four days in and I haven’t kept to my wish – to write up these blogs straight away, whilst you remember all those little details – here were are a week later and I can barely remember where I went let alone what I saw – anyway, here goes: Where did we go for our […]

Super Sheppey

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Nov 022011
Super Sheppey

When I meet new people and discuss where we live I often get “Oh, you’re so lucky to have all those good sites near you”.   Today just confirmed how right they are and how brilliant the area is for getting out and seeing great birds. Having checked a few websites last night, the Sheppey area […]

Mar 232011

Today’s outing was far warmer than any so far this year!   The first (and best) sighting of the day came on the approach to Shellness where two short-eared owls were displaying over the fields (see photos). Superb! Great views had by all from the car.    One caught up with us later near the car […]