Dec 162020
Swanscombe Marshes

Donna Zimmer, with Barry Wright, has created this brilliant film showing just why Swanscombe Marshes is such a special place and needs to be protected. If you haven’t been there yet, then this will entice you down there.   Personally, having visited quite often this year,  its made me realise what I have missed!  Please enjoy […]

Nov 122020

I’ve been sent this link to Planetpod by the RSPB.   An excellent Podcast about the richness and value of Swanscombe Marshes and its mosaics of habitat.   It’s well worth a listen. As always, I’d encourage everyone to sign the Petition, which (as I write) stands at 15,078.   It would be great […]

Nov 122020

We have received the following summary from the RSPB, detailing their response to the public consultation on the plans for development at Swanscombe. “The Swanscombe Peninsula is an outstanding mosaic of mostly undesignated grasslands, wetlands, scrub, inter-tidal habitats and brownfield features supporting a nationally important assemblage of invertebrates and a rich birdlife. The range and breadth […]

Aug 072020

If you are having problems navigating to the correct place on the London Resort Website, to give your comments, this link should help.Over 3,400 people have responded so far. Click on the link, then scroll all the way down to the red box near the bottom of the page.

Aug 022020

Many of you will have received a public consultation leaflet through the post regarding this development. To find out more about the whole development, take a look at   Although precise information is not currently available, the overview of the project is set out.   You can also sign up for email updates. Feedback […]

Jun 172020
Save Swanscombe Marshes

Many of you will have been aware of the proposed theme park development at Swanscombe Marshes which has been discussed for several years.  This is an area that we have visited as a group and several of our members are regular visitors.  Some might remember Peter Beckenham guiding us around on one of our early […]

Jan 312016
Swanscombe Marshes

I joined the walk with Peter Beckenham today on Swanscombe Marshes, an area of unique habitats which is being threatened (as are many other areas nearby at the moment) by development.   Here the proposal is for a theme park between Greenhithe and Northfleet on the Swanscombe peninsular. There are more photographs on my blog but I […]