Leader’s Notes

Notes and thoughts from the group leader.

Jun 182020

As our country continues to slowly come out of the lockdown measures imposed to control the community spread of the COVID-19 disease, the act of social distancing, wearing face masks/coverings in public areas and hand cleansing on entry and exit to buildings is becoming the ‘new normal’, especially as work places and retail areas make […]

May 112020
Nature Recording Apps

During this period of lockdown and while observing the natural world literally on our door step I have been investigating and trying out nature recording apps – those applications you can install on your smart phone or tablet. Here is a small selection of free apps that I have tried and my initial reviews: Birdtrack […]

May 092020
Osmia bicornis - What's in a name?

In my post More about Mason Bees I gave the name of the bee species as Osmia bicolor but it should have been Osmia bicornis. Apologies for that. It has been changed on the website but not before it was sent out in other formats. It would be really good to find Osmia bicolor as […]

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May 062020
More about Mason Bees

The mason bees (Osmia bicornis) in our garden are still active with the female bees provisioning their mud cells with pollen. In my last post I said that there did not seem to be much sexual selection going on – as I released a female she was immediately grabbed by a male. But I have […]

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Apr 272020

Our group website is available again, after an outage that occurred over the weekend (25-27 April) when we were migrated ‘to the cloud’. So if you attempted, in vain, to download our latest spring edition of the newsletter, you can do so now.  Please click this link. Remember we are also on Facebook – here […]

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Apr 102020
On line wildlife broadcasts

Have you discovered the many wildlife related broadcasts that are available on line, some of which have been launched during this lockdown period? Here are a few that I have found (and that I’m totally hooked on…):- Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin’s YouTube broadcast each weekday at 9am from Chris’s home in the New Forest […]

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Mar 292020
Danish Scurvy Grass and Mediterranean Gulls

A few days ago Sally and I walked up to our local shop in search of food! We found this plant growing on the pavement by the bus stop in Chalk. We had passed it several times before and wondered what it was. But on this occasion Sally made an effort to identify it and […]

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